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You're a 20 year old college student studying computer science at Yale university. Its late October and last week you received an invitation to become a closed beta tester for some new virtual reality game called "A Slutty Adventure" from a company called Innovexa Computing. Not being too popular with the ladies yourself, you though that this would be a perfect way to experience the female aspect yourself. However you were so totally wrong. A week after your invitation you accepted and set up your computer to join the beta test late on a Friday night. However this was no ordinary game, the developers had sent you a full body virtual reality system. You had always wanted to try virtual reality, you thought yea this is going to be amazing. You quickly put on the full body suit which shrinks to fit your body perfectly when its fully on. While unsettling you were too excited to notice the small pinpricks as the suit began inserting electrodes and other devices all over your body. You quickly connect the suit to your computer and launch the game. Its a good thing you were in your bed because your body is dropped like a rag-doll after your brain is injected into the game. You wake up in a large open field, in the distance you can see the tops of some trees, the grass is so high that you are unable to see anything else. You are tasked with reaching the final grid to complete each level. While making the journey through the field you are attacked by vicious beasts and feral people all of whom are trying to breed you. Being violated like this causes your real body to experience changes because of the electrodes and other devices it had inserted into you earlier. Do you have what it takes to survive this devilish place? Come and join us and support the development over on our Patreon!

News & updates

Our development team is hard at work bringing you this hand-crafted game. Below you can find a list of some of the most recent commits to the private game repository. Click the button below to take a look at the project changelog. Changelog is updated weekly!

Win-Forms Edition

Current Build Preview

A preview of the current build of the game, Pre Alpha Build 90 This version has a fully functional combat system with multiple enemies fully coded in so far. Turn based RNG (rpg style dice rolling) combat system with future plans for attributes and other combat intrinsics to be included as well. Get access to the latest update over on our patreon page by clicking here.

Unity Edition

Current Build Preview

A preview of the current unity port build. This will be drastically changing over the coming months as our development plan aligns back on its central axis, After much consideration and input from the community We decided to switch to a premade game engine to save time and increase efficiencies in certain areas where it just would not be possible with a custom engine. here.

Road Map & Bug Tracking